Workplace Trends For 2016

Like all industries, the HR industry has become dynamic too. The HR trends for 2016 are expected to change the human resource outsourcing scenario. No matter how much automation takes place in any industry, human resources are not completely replaceable. The search for the right candidate for a post is a need that has to be fulfilled for the success of the business. Companies offering HR outsourcing services effectively fulfill this need.

With 2016 just round the corner, these HR outsourcing trends can be expected to rule the Human resource industry this coming year.

Obamacare penalties are expected to increase in the coming year with focus on healthcare. Great opportunities are expected for companies to further automate and modernize, with a focus on workplace planning. The biggest challenge that will be faced is finding the right talent, training the next line of workers and retaining them.

There is a trend observed amongst the employees that they leave the job and return to the same company based on the benefits, compensation or family affairs. Companies were not hiring these boomerang employees, but now they are being accepted as the switch is taken into the stride as a professional job switch.

Companies have created LinkedIn and Facebook pages to stay connected with the ex-employees. The boomerang employees are welcomed to join back as they already know the working of the organization. It is easier to train them for promotions and for filling the post left vacant by retiring employees.

The workplace now offers more flexibility with the current trend of networking and telecommunication. Another trend that is expected in 2016 at the workplace is the wearables. Popular wearables are watches like apple watches and Fit bit. These will be widely used at the work place to track health and wellness. The business environment can take advantage of this trend as it retrieves information and helps workers to use their time more efficiently.

The work environment is expected to change as some employees are more productive working in cubicles while some in lounges and cafeterias. Every company will strive to create office space for the employee to choose from.

The major shift that will be observed preference of companies to outsource their human resource needs due to the obamacare penalties. Leading HR outsourcing service providers have the health benefits, insurances in place. When a company outsources their staff requirement, the compensation, benefits and insurances are handled by the outsourcing company. This reduces the liability of the company, which helps them to focus on the main business.

With the generation Z, born betwen19994-2010 will be the biggest workforce entrants. This generation is more flexible, entrepreneurial and realistic. They choose growth opportunities and balance work and life by choosing to be freelancers. This approach is good for the seeker, but will prove to be tough for the company. The human resource outsourcing services will come to the rescue.

Another important employee benefit expected in 2016 is the maternity leave becoming bigger. Top companies offer maternity benefits to retain the talent. Another movement that is going to affect the HR scenario is paternity leave, that is the father taking leave if the woman is the breadwinner. For the stop gap arrangement, HR will be outsourced for the smooth working of the business.

The change in trends in 2016 will give a boost to the HR service providers as it is most convenient for the job seeker as well as the employer to easily match the skill needed with those of the candidate.

About the author

The author is an entrepreneur who runs an HR service provider business in the USA.