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5 Don’ts for Businesses to Avoid Payroll Penalties!

Penalties teach a better lesson – true to the core, isn’t it? Businesses, especially the small & medium ones emerge with a hope to survive for the first few years and expect to scale up & achieve greater profits with time. Unfortunately, many fall prey to the strict IRS rules and regulations and proceed to shutdown or go bankrupt. Non-compliance of payroll rules is observed to be the major concern.

Small business owners are reluctant to outsource payroll and tax administration services so as to cut down costs. However, this might lead them to pay off monstrous figures as penalties. Here are 5 don’ts to save you from paying off excessive payroll tax penalties:

  1. Misclassifying employees – You need to uprightly withhold payroll taxes from statutory employees. If you end up misclassifying employees as independent contractors, you will be responsible for paying payroll taxes.
  2. Delaying tax payments – When you extend the date of depositing taxes, it is an invitation to up to 10 percent failure-to-deposit penalty. In case of a late tax return, you may receive a 5 percent failure-to-file penalty.
  3. Incorrect information – If IRS notices any incorrect information especially with regards to figures, you are sure to receive communications from them. Instead, a correctly filled form can help with reconciling your W-2s to year-end tax returns and avoid under or overpaying payroll taxes.
  4. Incorrect amounts – An IRS payroll penalty is mandatory in case you show wrong amounts of payroll deposits. However, it may waive the penalty if it is your first penalty and not due to willful neglect.
  5. Borrowing from payroll taxes – It is a crime. Using the payroll taxes for meeting operating expenses of the businesses is against the law and by doing so, employers participate willingly in the penalty-payers’ list.

To save their businesses ending up bearing a burden of huge penalties, many are hiring professional payroll and tax services. A payroll company has efficient tax administration resources to manage payroll and comply with the law and allow the business owners to concentrate on day-to-day operations. Moreover, you don’t have to loosen your pockets much. Just a few upfront fees and you are saved from the killing penalties.

Talent Management Trend For 2016

  • Talent has a different definition for every organization. For some talent could mean four years experience in a specialized position or with a growth potential from general management positions. For other business it may mean a fresher who is trained in a particular task. The need for a talent differs and changes with time for the business owner as well as for the employee. The candidates may be looking out for a career in one organization while others may be looking out for a couple of years of experience and then switch jobs. Some people may be interested in being involved in complex projects, but not employed by a big organization
  • Connect with PEO companies who have a pool of talent and offer you a tailor made individual for your business needs. Well reputed and established HR companies conduct well planned training programs to offer business owners the best employee solutions
  • For the success of an organization, every business owner is looking out for people who have the right knowledge and have proved to be a reason for the organization’s success. The candidate must not only be intelligent, but also possess a learning agility
  • There is a great transparency expected in the HR market in the coming year 2016. The definition of talent is becoming broader and specific with clearer statements about the commitment and expectation
  • Gone is the era for a generalist. It is the time for the specialists only. No more general management programs will be conducted for the employee to learn everything. It is time for international collaboration and personal effectiveness. People will be engaged for the specific skill and trained in the same for the success of the business
  • HR analysis will be the most important driving factor with focus on talent analytics. With the use of current technology, data analysis will be used for employee research and fact finding. A regular and objective feedback will be given to the employer and the employee
  • Simple games designed by experts will be used to find the right talent for the position. The games will be used to test cognitive and social skills. The simulation will be used for recruitment as well as training, which is found to be more effective than the traditional methods of training

Business and market scenario are fast moving and changing quickly. Succession management will result in waste of time as the HR has to list out the key positions and identify the potential successors. At the time of filling in the post, the organization may have changed, the positions requirements may have changed or the potential employee may have quit. To keep up with all the changing trend of 2016, choose the finest HR PEO services Ohio. Many PEO companies offer various HR related services. Contact Jacor, the leading professional employer organization for all your human resource management needs. Partner with us and be assured of the growth of your business as we provide you the best talent from our huge talent pool as quickly as you need it. Chart your business success this 2016 with Jacor’s HR PEO services.

Workplace Trends For 2016

Like all industries, the HR industry has become dynamic too. The HR trends for 2016 are expected to change the human resource outsourcing scenario. No matter how much automation takes place in any industry, human resources are not completely replaceable. The search for the right candidate for a post is a need that has to be fulfilled for the success of the business. Companies offering HR outsourcing services effectively fulfill this need.

With 2016 just round the corner, these HR outsourcing trends can be expected to rule the Human resource industry this coming year.

Obamacare penalties are expected to increase in the coming year with focus on healthcare. Great opportunities are expected for companies to further automate and modernize, with a focus on workplace planning. The biggest challenge that will be faced is finding the right talent, training the next line of workers and retaining them.

There is a trend observed amongst the employees that they leave the job and return to the same company based on the benefits, compensation or family affairs. Companies were not hiring these boomerang employees, but now they are being accepted as the switch is taken into the stride as a professional job switch.

Companies have created LinkedIn and Facebook pages to stay connected with the ex-employees. The boomerang employees are welcomed to join back as they already know the working of the organization. It is easier to train them for promotions and for filling the post left vacant by retiring employees.

The workplace now offers more flexibility with the current trend of networking and telecommunication. Another trend that is expected in 2016 at the workplace is the wearables. Popular wearables are watches like apple watches and Fit bit. These will be widely used at the work place to track health and wellness. The business environment can take advantage of this trend as it retrieves information and helps workers to use their time more efficiently.

The work environment is expected to change as some employees are more productive working in cubicles while some in lounges and cafeterias. Every company will strive to create office space for the employee to choose from.

The major shift that will be observed preference of companies to outsource their human resource needs due to the obamacare penalties. Leading HR outsourcing service providers have the health benefits, insurances in place. When a company outsources their staff requirement, the compensation, benefits and insurances are handled by the outsourcing company. This reduces the liability of the company, which helps them to focus on the main business.

With the generation Z, born betwen19994-2010 will be the biggest workforce entrants. This generation is more flexible, entrepreneurial and realistic. They choose growth opportunities and balance work and life by choosing to be freelancers. This approach is good for the seeker, but will prove to be tough for the company. The human resource outsourcing services will come to the rescue.

Another important employee benefit expected in 2016 is the maternity leave becoming bigger. Top companies offer maternity benefits to retain the talent. Another movement that is going to affect the HR scenario is paternity leave, that is the father taking leave if the woman is the breadwinner. For the stop gap arrangement, HR will be outsourced for the smooth working of the business.

The change in trends in 2016 will give a boost to the HR service providers as it is most convenient for the job seeker as well as the employer to easily match the skill needed with those of the candidate.

About the author

The author is an entrepreneur who runs an HR service provider business in the USA.

The Pros of Using Human Resource Consultancy Services

HR consulting firms do more than just help to recruit employees. A professional HR consulting company offers a wide array of services that helps you to manage your staff efficiently. When the staff is effectively managed, it leads to higher productivity. Outsourcing human resource management to an HR consulting service provider leaves you free to focus on your core business. Ohio HR consulting companies are one of the top rated HR consultants.

Services offered by HR consulting firms which benefit the business

  • Analyses the HR need for the business

As the HR consulting company has a wide experience, after a detailed discussion, they identify the kind of staff you require, formulate strategies and analyze where potential changes need to be made

  • Recruitment

The skills of the candidate are matched with those required for the job. The right candidate is placed at the workplace which improves productivity. Recruitment process offers you the right candidate and offers training to the candidate too if required

  • Payroll

The HR consulting company takes care of the payroll as well as other administrative activities related to employee benefits, taxes and insurance. When these activities are outsourced, the probability of penalties is eliminated, which is usually due to errors.

The health and other benefits offered to the employees is difficult, time consuming and expensive. When you outsource this to an HR company, it is beneficial as the HR consulting company gets competitive rates and packages from which you can choose to suit your budget

  • Implementation of technology

The human resource consulting firm may provide training for your employees for implementation of some change or a new technology. They may even help you to set it up if you plan to upgrade your business systems

  • Performance appraisal

Leading HR consulting service provider may conduct an employee performance appraisal. This program helps you to assess the employee performance, satisfaction quotient, need for training, behavior, attitude towards the work and what the employees expect or desire. This helps you to retain the staff or if required change the staff for optimal performance

  • Legal compliance

With the ever changing laws and regulations, HR consulting companies keep themselves updated with the US laws and regulations.  HR companies help to develop a handbook with policies and procedures and comply with the dynamic law of the land be it for insurance or claims or any other compensation or benefit that has to be extended to the employee

The decision to use the services of an HR consulting company may vary from company to company, depending upon the size, the policy of the organization as well as the state. Ohio HR consulting service companies specialize in HR outsourcing, which is definitely beneficial to cut overheads cost for maintaining an HR department, eliminate penalties which ultimately increase profit margins.

Trends That Will Have a Great Impact on HR Management

RPO or recruitment process outsourcing is the biggest change that has been observed since 2014, which is expected to grow further in the year 2016. Recruitment process outsourcing is basically the process of talent acquisition. It is a process of attracting, identifying and assigning the right job to the candidate by matching his/her talents and skills with those required for the job.

Besides recruitment, retention of the employee and job satisfaction is the biggest challenge that a business faces. RPO has evolved as function of recruitment, marketing and acquiring talent as per the changing demands of the market. Leading and well reputed HR outsourcing companies have identified the trends that will greatly impact the talent landscape.

  1. Most of the organizations are now paying more attention towards employee retention and job satisfaction. The right team that consists of talented human resources is the single key to the success of an organization. HR outsourcing companies have a talent pool from which they are capable of identifying the right talent for the success of your business
  2. HR companies are a major part of the recruiters marketing game. These HR service providers have evolved as matchmakers where the skills required by the job are matched with those of the candidates. Fulfilling this criterion to almost perfection, has helped the HR outsourcing company to create a brand name for itself
  3. With the focus on job satisfaction, every business will attempt to create a work environment that offers job satisfaction to the employees, improved relationship with their superior as well as with their co-workers. Achieving this will automatically result in lower turnover and better work performance. Business houses will pay extra attention to retention of staff by employing the right talent
  4. For every employee, job security and compensation and the opportunity to use their skills is of importance in that order. When you find the right candidate for the job, these needs get automatically fulfilled

Recruitment process outsourcing is an approach that will become very popular in the coming year. As the staff turnover increases, the business has to look for human resource companies to provide the temporary or permanent staff for business success. Well reputed HR companies like JACOR have a large talent pool with a team of experts to assess your need for the employee and offer you the right talent on time which is the most important metric for success.

Do you want that competitive edge and want to save on costs as well?

Contact JACOR now to find the right talent for the success of your business.

Outsourcing Human Resource Functions, Choose The Right Company For Your Success

Are you planning to outsource your HR functions? It is a beneficial decision you have taken for the success of your organization or business. The human resource department is responsible for a wide range of functions related to the employees.

The advantages of outsourcing HR functions

  • Reduction in cost
  • HR company and you can focus and plan strategy more effectively
  • Get the best talent to work from the employee data bank
  • Find the right job for the wide job options available
  • Streamline the HR functions
  • Reduces the risk, offers flexibility and ensures no absenteeism of employees

The disadvantages of outsourcing HR functions

  • The initial cost may impact the budget
  • Other employees may offer resistance
  • The HR outsourcing company may fail to deliver

How to choose the right HR outsourcing company

Choose a full service staffing company that has a huge pool bank of candidates and job functions. Years of experience ensures excellent recruitment that ultimately results in job satisfaction. An HR outsourcing company lets you maintain day to day control over the employees.

Services that a well reputed HR outsourcing company will offer

  • Payroll administration – the payroll process handles all taxes, deductions, direct deposits and W-2 details. Get the payroll reports as per the client’s need
  • Human resource management – the HR outsourcing company should comply with the federal, state and local regulations. They must maintain a complete personnel file for every employee, conduct a background check, motor vehicle records, screening for drug/alcohol should be done
  • Workers’ compensation- prevention of loss by customizing the safety program is very critical in maintaining the costs which gives you a competitive edge. A good HR outsourcing company will help you to customize this safety program
  • Unemployment management – are managed by the company so that you are not charged for any non-compensable claims
  • Health care – the HR company obtains a comprehensive plan to suit your needs at the most competitive rates. It also offers retirement benefits which are tailor made for every client need

These are the few points you must keep in mind when you plan to outsource HR management. Jacor, a JMT Group company delivers all these services in the most effective manner at competitive prices which ultimately benefits your business.

For all your Human Resource Management needs, contact Jacor now and get the quotes.